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10 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement For Better Results

Defining, measuring and improving employee engagement has been a hot subject garnering a ton of attention over the past 20 years as new generations enter the workforce seeking new opportunities and upward mobility. And while there still seems to be a lack of clarity on the exact definition, there is a general consensus that it’s […]

3 Basic Psychological Needs In The Workplace

The three basic psychological needs in the workplace are autonomy, relatedness, and competence. These are leading drivers of employee engagement and job satisfaction. The implementation of these basic needs must be aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. They must be incorporated into cultural development, learning, personal growth activities, and all individuals must understand how they […]

15 Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

Whether we are talking about elite special operations units, winning professional sports teams or high-functioning business organizations, all high-performance teams share similar attributes. They have high levels of internal trust and accountability, navigate change more successfully and have resilient mindsets. They are more sustainable, have higher levels of engagement and therefore efficiency. High-performance business organizations […]

How To Build Grit and Resilience Like A Navy SEAL

Brent Gleeson, Founder & CEO of TakingPoint Leadership was featured on Big Think, the world’s largest archive of lessons learned through interviews, presentations, and discussions from people changing how people work, live, and experience life. This Big Think interview was moderated by Nathan Rosenberg, founding partner of management consulting firm Insigniam. During the live session, […]

9 Tips For Leading Through Adversity

#1 Embrace Reality Accept this new reality and try to avoid comparing our current situation to how it was before. It’s time to move past fear and discomfort and focus on the things you can control. Assess your situation, resources, challenges, and responsibilities, and keep your eyes forward. #2 Know the Facts Digital media and […]

7 Steps for Effective Planning

Strategic planning, debriefing, and after-action reviews are critical steps in building high-performance teams, high-growth organizations, and meeting/exceeding goals. Planning and debriefing models can be used for long- and short-term execution and are the cornerstone of why some projects fail and others succeed. We believe strongly in bringing teams together around an aligned objective, specific strategy, […]