9 Tips for Leading Through Adversity

9 Tips For Leading Through Adversity

#1 Embrace Reality Accept this new reality and try to avoid comparing our current situation to how it was before. It’s time to move past fear and discomfort and focus on the things you can control. Assess your situation, resources, challenges, and responsibilities, and keep your eyes forward. #2 Know the Facts Digital media and […]

7 Steps for Effective Planning

7 Steps for Effective Planning

Strategic planning, debriefing, and after-action reviews are critical steps in building high-performance teams, high-growth organizations, and meeting/exceeding goals. Planning and debriefing models can be used for long- and short-term execution and are the cornerstone of why some projects fail and others succeed. We believe strongly in bringing teams together around an aligned objective, specific strategy, […]

Team collaboration as part of a cultural change

How Leaders Drive Cultural Change

All organizations must go through periods of cultural change in order to achieve the results they need to grow, compete, and win. This shift requires a team’s dedicated focus on accountability, consistency, and communication, all of which must be led from top-level management. Without the buy-in and action from the senior leadership team, the desired […]

3 Things Businesses Need For Leadership Success

3 Things Businesses Need for Leadership Success

Today’s modern business is fast-paced, complex, and can’t always depend on an outdated hierarchical model of having only a few people in a leadership role. There’s not enough time for executive leaders to effectively review the ongoing onslaught of data about company performance, industry changes, and the competitive environment. Organizations must move much more swiftly […]

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