Embrace The Suck

“Embrace the Suck is a brutally honest field manual that will empower anyone to turn adversity into an advantage so that you can overcome any setback and dominate life. Brent Gleeson delivers the goods through his real-world experience as a Navy SEAL warrior and leadership expert.”

Bedros Keuilian, Bestselling Author of Man UpCEO, Fit Body Boot Camp

“No matter how you define success, the path to achieving it will require determination and resilience in the darkest of moments. In this no-nonsense self-help guide, you’ll learn that in order to fulfill your goals, you have to be willing to Embrace the Suck.”

Todd HymelCEO, Volcom

“This riveting step-by-step manual boils it down to the one founding principle we are taught in the SEAL Teams – you have to learn to “embrace the suck”. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to level up with a proven process to overcome the adversity we all face in life and business!”

Jason Redman, US Navy SEAL (Retired)NYT Bestselling Author of The Trident and Overcome

“A book like this deserves its own category. Embrace the Suck is a book about resilience, personal development, and self-mastery. Each chapter is full of engaging stories of Navy SEAL missions complemented with real-life application for readers. This book screams, take action with your life. Indeed a work of art that I won’t soon forget.”

Alex Sanfilippo Creating a Brand
Embrace The Suck Book Cover


The Navy SEAL Way To An Extraordinary Life

A raw, brutally honest, in-your-face self-help guide based on the Navy SEAL mindset to thrive in adversity.

During the brutal crucible of Navy SEAL training, the instructors often tell the students to “embrace the suck.” Meaning that the students should start getting comfortable being very uncomfortable and lean into the pain–enjoy it even. Those that are successful in this transformation go on to become the most elite warriors the modern world has ever known.

As a Navy SEAL combat veteran turned award-winning entrepreneur and speaker, Brent Gleeson details the principles he learned as a Navy SEAL, which can empower anyone to continually expand their comfort zones and to live more fulfilling purpose-driven lives.

Through candid storytelling, behavioral science research, fascinating historical references and plenty of self-deprecating humor, Gleeson shows the reader how to:

  • Use pain and suffering as a pathway to enlightenment
  • Move past blaming life’s obstacles that are out of our control
  • Take a more values-based approach to life
  • Avoid temptation and build self-discipline
  • Learn how to fail successfully
  • Do something that sucks every day
  • Choose wisely what you suffer for
  • Win more through discipline and accountability
  • Model mindset and behavior for violent execution
  • Get off your ass and execute

What To Expect

  • Chapter 1: Pain is a pathway

    • The ETS Pain Transformation Process
    • Great, So What Now? Recommended actions steps
  • Chapter 2: You got dealt a bad hand, get over it

    • Story
    • Unfuck yourself and move on
  • Chapter 3: Oh, and maybe your values are all wrong

    • The values-check playbook
  • Chapter 4: Taming temptation tiger

    • Perspective, focus, follow-through
  • Chapter 5: If you ain’t failin’, you ain’t tryin’

    • How to fail successfully
  • Chapter 6: Do something that sucks every day

    • Grit and resilience training module
  • Chapter 7: Choose wisely what you suffer for

    • Finding passion & purpose in your suffering
  • Chapter 8: Win more through discipline and accountability

    • Mechanisms for improving discipline; characteristics of winners
  • Chapter 9: Modeling Mindset & Behavior for Violent Execution

    • ETS Outcomes Pyramid & Execution Framework – Goals & Planning
  • Chapter 10: And remember, we’re all gonna die, so get off your ass - King Richard Quote

    • Working backwards from the end

About The Author

Brent Gleeson is a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple combat tours to Iraq and Africa and other theaters of war. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, and acclaimed speaker and consultant on topics ranging from leadership and building high-performance teams to culture and organizational transformation.

Brent is the Founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, a progressive leadership and management consulting firm with a focus on business transformation and building high-performance cultures. Brent holds degrees in finance and economics from Southern Methodist University, certificates in English and History from Oxford University in England and a graduate business degree from the University of San Diego. He is the bestselling author of TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change, which was a #1 New Release on Amazon in Organizational Change and Business Structural Adjustment.

Brent Gleeson

Leadership Speaker
Former Navy SEAL
Award-winning Entrepreneur
Bestselling Author

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