Our client lacked standard planning processes and leadership development. There were challenges relating to communication between senior management and executives, which lead to retention issues; the turnover average was less than two years. Additionally, our client experienced significant performance issues regarding project completion which affected sales and revenue requirements.


Perform an extensive, five-day assessment of a single pilot business unit (global customer service team) to understand their culture, strengths, weaknesses, and create a multi-faceted plan based on findings.


  • Assessment

    5-day business unit assessment of the pilot business unit.

  • Analyze Data

    Provide internal structure per client specifications, addressing and delivering on needs for structure, discipline, training, documented systems, and timely and accurate financial and operational data.

  • Strategic Development Sessions

    4-day strategic development sessions to outline mission, vision, and objectives using our goal-setting methodology to determine key points that will impact efficiency.

  • Planning Workshop Facilitation

    Facilitate 18, four-hour planning workshops to map out the first quarter and identify key objectives to be accomplished over that time period.

  • Coach & Mentor Program

    Provide coaching and mentorship for weekly execution calls to facilitate, manage expectations, and develop leaders in the process.


The implementation of the OKR methodology showed a reduction in time required to plan and execute against baseline data by 70% and resulted in a cost savings of 88% per project.

2,592 labor hours saved over baseline for 18 projects, which equaled a cost-saving of $166,032 or 13,593% per project over its three-month period.

Internal employee engagement surveys increased from 3.2 to 3.7 in the first quarter, demonstrating a higher level of engagement and motivation.

Identified loss of 1.88 million lost labor hours per month due to meeting inefficiencies and culture issues standard in the tech industry.

Post-first-quarter sales for single key project demonstrated a 2X increase in the sales pipeline.


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