TPL was approached by a global manufacturing firm seeking our expertise in Values-based Leadership. The goal of the senior leadership team was to take their values-based approach to leadership and employee engagement to the next level. And while they did have a defined Mission Statement and Core Values, the organization had evolved significantly since their inception and they had not been across the company globally. The senior leaders engaged TPL for a comprehensive Values-based Leadership development program.


After conducting an in-depth Needs Analysis and Organizational Assessment including executive interviews and a Team Dynamics survey, the team designed a 12-month program including the following components:

  • A comprehensive leadership development program
  • 360 review process including a baseline and follow-up survey
  • Core Project: 
    • Rewrite the company Mission Statement 
    • Re-define the Core Values and ensure they are actionable and measurable
    • Institutionalize the Mission Statement and Core Values across the organization


  • Assess & Analyze

    Conduct an organizational assessment and needs analysis.

  • Program Design

    Utilize insights and data to design the leadership development program.

  • Project Planning

    As part of the program, the leadership team planned and implemented the Mission and Values project.

  • 360 Assessments and Coaching

    A baseline and follow-on 360 survey was conducted and findings were used to prioritize program curriculum.

  • Implementation & Execution

    The Mission Statement, Values and Leadership Behaviors were implemented in a measurable way.


While the program focused on leadership teams from North and South America, the results positively impacted the organization globally.

The new Mission Statement was approved and adopted globally and has played a significant role in the company’s transformation.

The Core Values were approved and adopted globally and have been utilized to align leadership behaviors and for employee engagement strategies and performance management systems.

The senior leaders completely embraced their newly defined values-based approach to leading the organization which has driven greater degrees of strategic alignment and organizational excellence.


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