Back To Blue

Takingpoint is all about helping our clients become true masters of their own destiny.

Our dedicated team work with individuals, helping them unlock their true passions and potential. And sometimes that can mean taking a ‘back to blue’ path. By that, we mean going from a white-collar profession to a more hands-on, often outdoors, blue collar profession.

CEO Brent Gleeson took that path – from a high flyer in the world of finance to a Navy SEAL – as have others on our team. “You only have one life – and if you are not happy, the time to change is now” Brent Gleeson.

Each program is tailored to the individual. But by drawing on elements of SEAL training, we emphasize the close relationship between the physical and the mental. We often recommend an initial 7-day wilderness expedition. This is intense but helps us and our client ‘peel the onion’ to reveal their true potential and start them find the right path. We then work closely with our wide range of connections to get our client hands-on experience in their new and often challenging field.

In an increasingly tech-driven modern age, we find some clients crave a deeper connection to tough and physically rewarding work in the elements.  This ‘ back to blue’ service is growing rapidly and we have helped clients in a wide range of exciting positions – from park rangers to ranch owner, from timber construction to offshore fishing.

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