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We design and deliver leadership and team development solutions for organizations that want to build high-performance teams, lead lasting change, and achieve winning results. From enhancing the leadership and management capabilities of your talent, to culture transformation, employee engagement strategies, and the execution of tactical projects, our team of experts is your partner in driving organizational excellence. Our founder, Brent Gleeson, former Navy SEAL, award-winning entrepreneur, world renowned speaker and 2x bestselling author has taken principles learned in SEAL training, combat, and experience building and leading high-growth companies and created a culture-driven approach to leadership development and building high-performance teams that deliver better business outcomes.

Our Mission

We equip committed teams with the leadership tools and professional development necessary for navigating change and growth with accuracy and precision.

Our Vision

Develop a reputation of excellence for building high-performance leaders.

Leadership Team

Former Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an award-winning entrepreneur, 2x bestselling author, and acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and building high-performance teams to culture and organizational transformation. Brent holds degrees in finance and economics from SMU, a graduate business degree from the University of San Diego, and certificates in English and History from Oxford University.

Nicole Gleeson - Co-Founder

Nicole is an integral part of the TakingPoint Leadership team, providing strategic vision for long-term growth. Having spent years as a sales and marketing executive for a global organization, her insight and experience fuels TPL’s approach to talent development. Her passion for giving back landed her Chairwomen and Ambassador Family for March of Dimes, Southern California.

Dyan’s experience and passions are centered around communication, individual development, and team alignment. She is a certified facilitator in 360 feedback deployment, debriefs, and action planning toward improvement. She oversees all client service activities and will make sure TPL’s level of service matches expectations. 

Mathew is an expert in leadership development, organizational transformation, and building high-performance teams. Drawing from 30 years of experience in Naval Special Warfare, he understands the value of building strong, resilient leaders and teams to help drive organizational success and achieve extraordinary results.

Wes Pingree joins TakingPoint Leadership as VP of Sales, bringing his positive energy and over 15 years of sales and event experience. Wes believes that connecting through the “human element” is the best way to build trust and accountability. He takes time to educate, nurture, and understand our clients goals, vision, and challenges to provide the best resources and solutions.

Tom Huckabee - CFO

Tom Huckabee joined our leadership team with over 30 years of experience in assisting organizations with financial decisions that promote growth, profitability, and longevity. He brings strategic planning, finance, and accounting expertise that aids in the development of new services and capabilities. 

Patrick Carmichael is a results-driven HR executive with extensive international experience developing the professional, management and executive talent of global corporations. With over 30 years of experience in challenging HR roles, Patrick remains engaged advising large corporations, research institutes, and SME’s on strategic and operational HR issues.

Senior Consultants

Sacha Lindekens, Ph.D

Sacha Lindekens, Ph.D

Specializes in executive coaching and leadership development

Sacha Lindekens is a Partner with Avion Consulting. He specializes in executive coaching and designing and delivering leadership development programs for organizations ranging from large multinational organizations to small to mid-sized family owned entities. His client base is a principally, but not exclusively, in the professional services, financial services, technology/media, and health-care industries. Sacha is a published author on the topic of executive coaching and leadership development and he aspires to fill the role of trusted advisor with his coachees on their learning journey.

Darryl Albertson, PH.D

Darryl Albertson, PH.D

Specializes in organizational development, human resources, and change management

Darryl is a Partner with Avion Consulting, a formal strategic partner of TPL, and an advisor to prominent leaders and organizations in the areas of leadership, organizational development, and change management. Darryl specializes in the healthcare, financial services, and defense industries. He has extensive Human Resources and international experience with a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Southern California. His areas of expertise include executive coaching and assessments, leadership and high potential programs, team development, talent management/succession planning, and change management.

Patrick Houlahan

Patrick Houlahan

Specializes in strategic leadership and organizational development

Patrick is a former Marine Colonel and fighter pilot with 12 years of active duty and 15 years in the reserves. He brings extensive experience driving organizational improvements, leadership excellence, and culture-driven practices.

Founder of Strategic Leadership Consultants, Patrick recognized a profound difference between people, viewpoints and feelings when it came to leadership and organizational culture. He understands the importance of finding a balance between focusing on mission-driven leadership and culture, and a focus on organizational processes. Both are extremely important. Patrick believes in building leaders that demonstrate compassion for their people and drive tactical actions to achieve company objectives.

David “Finch” Guenthner

David “Finch” Guenthner

Specializes in process improvement and organizational development

David “Finch” Guenthner is a former United States Air Force F-16 pilot, entrepreneur, and consultant in the areas of leadership fundamentals and team dynamics. He helps organizations develop an operational rhythm and cadence to ensure company-wide communication and processes align with an organization’s goals and objectives.

Finch provides organizations the operational framework and strategic business planning needed to execute business objectives while maintaining flexibility and course correction as needed.

Misti Cain

Misti Cain

Specializes in strategy and organizational development

Misti helps leaders create step-by-step ‘Profit’, ‘Process’, ‘People’, and ‘Productivity’ business operations plans. She teaches companies how to identify and overcome organizational, leadership, culture, marketing, and customer experience challenges so they can build profitable well-run companies, manage engaged high-impact teams, and attract loyal customers.

As a senior strategist, Misti has helped achieve notable growth, retention, and brand awareness success for well-known companies like CIGNA Healthcare, Jazzercise, Aruba Tourism, Couples Resorts, GreatCall, and The Westin Hotel Brand. She is passionate about helping the workforce love Mondays.

Aaron Tucker, Ph.D.

Aaron Tucker, Ph.D.

Specializes in employee and operational excellence

Aaron has two decades of experience leading teams and organizations including the Navy SEALs and successful 5x startups. Aaron has defined the optimal culture and metrics needed to guarantee success. He is an expert in leading through change and effectively navigating within ambiguity and chaos.

His experience leading all SEAL operations in Central America and his senior role within a big four firm has given him opportunities to lead and coach executives in breaking down cultures, silos, and increase their ability to communicate and achieve highly effective teams using both practice-based and behavioral science.

Fabi Howard, MA. LPC.

Fabi Howard, MA. LPC.

Specializes in executive coaching and organizational development

Fabi Howard, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, and Organization Development Consultant has combined her education in human behavior with her career experience in corporate America to help organizations and leaders achieve and exceed their goals. Fabi specializes in behavioral leadership development including emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and team building.

Helping people grow is her passion. Her strength lies in her intuitive nature and innate ability to establish rapport and build trust quickly with her clients. Because of this, she is able to target and implement simple, yet powerful strategies, leading to immediate results and positive growth.

Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard

Specializes in strategy and change management

Scott is a leadership and organizational development expert that believes in developing a culture of excellence. For 20+ years he has leveraged tools and techniques to build and develop elite, high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations.

Delivering innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to organizational, strategic and operational challenges regardless of the industry or business function, Scott enjoys working with and leading clients and teams to deliver results at scale while simultaneously augmenting technical and leadership core competencies.

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It isn’t every day that we get to hear firsthand what it’s like to serve as a Navy SEAL. Such was the first career of Brent Gleeson, who, upon returning to civilian life, has built award-winning, multimillion dollar organizations that have been repeatedly named in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.

Rancho Santa Fe resident translates Navy SEAL and corporate experience into management, leadership book
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In the late 1990s, Brent Gleeson was cruising toward a successful career in the business world. Then, he joined the Navy’s SEAL program, with overseas duty that included “capture or kill” missions in Iraq.

Episode 328: Brent Gleeson discusses the transition from Navy SEAL to businessman
SOFREP Radio: February 20, 2018

Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson joins us in studio for the podcast, which we livestreamed.  He has a new book out next week, it’s called “TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail-Safe Principles for Leading Through Change.”  Be sure to pre-order it.  The book gets into some of the takeaways Brent was able to deliver to the business world, and we hear all about it.

The System This Navy SEAL Uses to Communicate Seamlessly
Inc.com: November 3, 2017

Every company needs communication to flow within their workplace. Here are two barriers that get in the way according to Brent Gleeson, author of ‘TakingPoint.’

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Hiring the right person is important. Here’s the question that will make sure you do, according to Brent Gleeson, author of ‘TakingPoint.’

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Brent Gleeson is a former SEAL and a prominent entrepreneur. He’s also a well known speaker merging his leadership lessons from the SEALs and how to apply them to business. Most recently, he’s also the bestselling author of the book “Taking Point: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail-safe Principles for Leading Through Change.” Mark and Brent talk about his work and his principles of leadership. Listen to this episode to gain insight on how an Unbeatable Mind is necessary both in the military and the business world. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW >

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The Home & Family Show, May 2, 2018

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Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. It is not easy running a company, especially in a fast-paced, ever-changing business world. READ ARTICLE >

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