Organizational Development Solutions

Organizational development is a critical and science-based process that helps organizations build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes.

TakingPoint Leadership designs custom programs for organizations that want to achieve greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness in planning, execution, and driving results. Our proven methodologies drive engagement, performance, retention, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Our Process

Needs Analysis

Through executive and stakeholder interviews and team member surveys regarding the strengths and development opportunities, we gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and opportunities regarding structure, process, and culture. We will ask for employee engagement survey results and other assessments if available to better understand the specific learning objectives of the management team.


Based on the organizational assessment and key insights we present a proposed plan that typically includes elements of leadership and management training, alignment activities, engagement strategies, process improvement, strategic planning and debriefing programs, culture transformation, standard operating procedures, operating model implementations and team building.

Program Design

We select proprietary content and frameworks customized to the priority needs of each client partner.  Our organizational development programs range from a 6 to 12 month series to build management and leadership skills and execute key initiatives identified during the Needs Analysis process. This includes classroom style learning, HR and Operations audits, workshops, executive coaching and the execution of specific projects associated with strategic imperatives.

Program Execution

New initiatives require training designed to ensure successful launch and application. To provide participants with an optimal learning experience, we recommend a blend of in-person and virtual training. Content will balance the development of management skills, specific retention and engagement strategies and methodologies for project execution. 

What to Expect

Organizational Assessment

Through custom surveys and executive interviews, we take a data-driven approach to understand the framework, structure, perceptions, impediments, growth outlook, and resiliency of an organization to provide customized recommendations and an action plan.

Action Planning

We take a collaborative approach working closely with our clients to develop the best program for their specific goals and desired outcomes. Our action plans typically include elements of leadership and management training, engagement strategies, strategic planning and debriefing programs, culture transformation, standard operating procedures, operating model implementations and team building.

Training & Development

The leadership development series will help build management and leadership skills and generate a shared language for the leadership team. All in-person and virtual work is created for high-engagement and follow through. Our programs can range from 3-12 months and group sizes have been from 5-200 team members. 

Project Execution

Each program incorporates group projects throughout the duration of the program and are completed prior to the organizational development program end date. These projects are pre-determined and are created to develop solutions and strategies for organzational challenges and objectives. Our facilitators drive success through weekly touchpoints with the project leads.

Our Methodology


Align around a singular understanding of the objective through goal defining using a simple and proven formula: concise, quantifiable, capable and strategically aligned goals.


Our 6-Step Development Model allows you to identify risks, resources, and experiential learning with red teaming and open collaboration to drive alignment.


Kicks off with a formalized BRIEF and an agile weekly cadence that allows for navigation, course corrections and ultimately driving success in today’s VUCA environment.


Our evidence-based AAR Model uses both behavioral science and a pragmatic approach that improves psychological safety, team cohesion, and inclusion. 

A critical element of continuous improvement for high-performance teams, often overlooked, is Debriefing. Known in the military as After-Action Reviews (AARs). In 2013, a meta-analysis was conducted that demonstrated a 25% increase in team performance through the use of debriefs. The excuse of “not having time” is no longer valid. In fact, we argue that teams don’t have time NOT to debrief. What would just a 1% increase in effectiveness give you in time or money?

Our planning process is collaborative and ensures both short and long-term plans with clear, concise, measurable, and time-bound objectives. We call this the D4 methodology (Define, Develop, Deliver, Debrief).

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