Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Disruption is no longer just a buzzword. It is an existential threat to your customers, your teams and your business. Despite this new, virtual, work-from-home battlefield, full of new challenges and opportunities, the show must go on. 

TakingPoint Leadership has developed virtual service offerings that are guaranteed to motivate and engage your remote teams! Our inspirational keynote presentations, facilitated workshops and high-impact development programs provide organizations a collaborative environment for cross-functional teams to gain alignment around key business objectives.

Our Virtual Programs

Virtual Keynotes

Decorated Navy SEAL, world-renowned speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, Brent Gleeson shares his revolutionary approach to leading a team or organization through change. Brent has created a powerful road map for today’s existing and emerging leaders and managers to improve their ability to successfully navigate the murky waters of uncertainty. Drawing on his experiences as a SEAL in combat and entrepreneur building high-growth companies, Brent provides highly engaging presentations designed to leave the audience inspired, motivated and educated.

Virtual Workshops

Our expert facilitators will provide actionable principles for leaders and managers to use in leading an organization through change. Our time-bound facilitated workshops include but are not limited to Stop-Start-Continue exercises focused on a specific organizational objective, Strategic Planning, Debriefing and After-action Reviews, Root Cause Analysis, Breaking Down Silos and more. Teams leave with an actionable plan for execution.

Virtual Planning & Debriefing

Lead your team into and through this new reality by equipping them with the same tools and techniques used by Navy SEALs, Fighter Pilots & other elite military units. Learn how they Define objectives by creating a clear and concise message, Develop goals using a proven framework, Deliver results and Debrief to drive growth through continuous improvement. Our planning methodology ensures any team can design and deliver both long-term and short-term plans in a fraction of the usual time.

Virtual Roundtable Discussions

For a more informal engagement, we offer virtual roundtable discussions designed to engage teams in discussions around specific topics related to the current state of the organization. Subjects range from leadership alignment and employee engagement to leading change, culture, resilience and mental fortitude. Our roundtable discussions accomplish several goals including increased engagement, team ideation, collaboration and the exraction of key insights. Participants leave enlightened, aligned and with agreed upon accountabilities.

Companies we work with have a desire to…

Increase retention rates and employee engagement

Break down departmental silos

Improve talent acquisition, training and retention

Increase cross collaboration and communication

Increase efficiencies and alignment

Increase trust and accountability

Our Process

It is our top priority to provide value to your virtual planning session. We collaborate with all of our client partners prior to the initial planning session and agree on the goals, objectives, and key takeaways. All participants will have a clear understanding of our process and desired outcomes of our virtual sessions and we ensure this through clear and consistent communication with event organizers. Our clients find our virtual sessions allow them to document and distribute accountability mechanisms that deliver results in a positive and collaborative environment.

We want to understand your goals, vision, team dynamics, company objectives, and desired results. This call will be with our founder and CEO Brent Gleeson and he will provide more detail about TakingPoint Leadership and how we’ve helped teams just like yours.

Once you decide to move forward with booking a workshop, our team will send you an event agreement to review that includes the date, time, duration, agenda, key messaging, pricing, and payment terms.

The TPL team likes to have a pre-event call to confirm the objectives, agenda, virtual logistics and expectations so the workshop goes as smoothly as possible.

This is where it gets fun! Our workshops are highly interactive and educational. The facilitators utilize a great blend of training, collaboration, and action-planning. The groups we work with leave our virtual sessions feeling inspired and ready to hit the ground running.

After each event, our team provides you with an after-action report that includes key insights, takeaways, and recommendations for follow-on activities. Your team can utilize the action items to implement internally or the TakingPoint Leadership team can help facilitate additional sessions.

We like the opportunity to review the AAR report and recommendations in more details if there is interest. It gives our team the ability to gather feedback from you and also provide insight into how your team can implement the items discussed in the workshop.

“Both TakingPoint Leadership facilitators were extremely dynamic, the way they engaged the group was in my opinion far better than much of the management training I’ve had in the past. Quite often the theory is along the same lines when addressing leadership and emotional intelligence, but I really felt they took time to understand the characters in the room and tailor the course to our needs.”

~ Vice President Global IT and Business Solutions

“Right from the start I so much appreciated your commitment, flexibility, and responsiveness.  I know that I asked a lot and there were a few curveballs and you just took everything on board and did what it took to make a great session.  Every message I sent I received a very quick and very positive response which was very encouraging.  I have received nothing but amazing, positive feedback about the session itself and I really do believe it will have a lasting impact.

Emma BerresfordHead of Procurement at GSK

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