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Embrace the Suck


Foreword by David Goggins

A raw, brutally honest, in-your-face self-help guide based on the Navy SEAL mindset to thrive in adversity.

During the brutal crucible of Navy SEAL training, the instructors often tell the students to “embrace the suck.” Meaning that the students should start getting comfortable being very uncomfortable and lean into the pain–enjoy it even. Those that are successful in this transformation go on to become the most elite warriors the modern world has ever known.

Embrace The Suck Book Cover

Through candid storytelling, behavioral science research, fascinating historical references and plenty of self-deprecating humor, Gleeson shows the reader how to:

  • Use pain and suffering as a pathway to enlightenment
  • Move past blaming life’s obstacles that are out of our control
  • Take a more values-based approach to life
  • Avoid temptation and build self-discipline
  • Learn how to fail successfully
  • Do something that sucks every day
  • Choose wisely what you suffer for
  • Win more through discipline and accountability
  • Model mindset and behavior for violent execution
  • Get off your ass and execute

Bestseller by Brent Gleeson



Foreword by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Mark Owen of ‘No Easy Day’

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Decorated Navy SEAL, successful businessman and world-renowned speaker Brent Gleeson shares his revolutionary approach to navigating and leading change in the workplace. Inspired by his time as a Navy SEAL and building award-winning organizations in the business world, Brent Gleeson has created a powerful roadmap for today’s existing and emerging business leaders and managers to improve their ability to successfully navigate organizational change.

Over the past ten years since leaving the SEAL Teams, Gleeson has become a well-respected thought leader and expert in business transformation. In TakingPoint, Gleeson shares his ten-step program that he has implemented in his own companies and for his high-profile clients – giving leaders and managers actionable insights and a framework for successful execution. With a strong emphasis on communication, culture, engagement, accountability, trust and resiliency, Gleeson’s methods have helped hundreds of companies around the world transform the way they think about change and can help yours do the same.

Quite simply, this is one of the best leadership books I have ever read! If you’re seeking to transform your organization and build a culture of trust, courage, and accountability – this is the playbook! The principles in TakingPoint are essential to achieve peak performance and can be applied by an individual leader of a team or more broadly across an entire organization. I am very impressed with Brent’s business acumen and how he integrated his knowledge and experience as a Navy SEAL and as a business leader into the important lessons covered in the book. TakingPoint is required reading for all leaders! — Gregory C. Magee, Comcast 

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