This global bank reached out to TPL to explore a partnership in leading their comprehensive organizational transformation strategy. These change initiatives encompassed everything from to full-scale digital and culture transformation to brand and marketing strategies. Stakeholders understood the need to enhance leadership effectiveness, alignment and strategic prioritization. Improving employee engagement and retention was at the forefront of their top goals.


TPL began by performing an organizational assessment and discovery process in order to ensure total alignment with the bank’s senior leaders on the goals and objectives for the program. Based on data and interview-based feedback, TPL designed a leadership development program for two of the bank’s largest divisions. Each division selected a cohort of approximately 30-40 senior leaders for the 12-month program.


  • Assess & Analyze

    Conducted an organizational assessment and needs analysis.

  • Program Design

    Utilized insights and data to design the leadership development program.

  • Program Implementation

    TPL designed a 12-month program for approximately 35 key leaders and managers in each division.

  • Reporting

    Throughout the program, stakeholders and participants were provided reports on curriculum covered and tools for implementation.

  • Debriefing

    The TPL team and bank stakeholders conducted debriefs throughout the program and assess performance enhancement and addresses organizational changes.


This global bank attributed TPL programs to having a significant impact on taking employee engagement from 61% to 81% in nine months.

Employee engagement went from 61% to 81% over the course of nine months. This data is based on engagement survey results.

Significant improvements in baseline and follow-on 360 Review scores.

Strategic alignment on transformational priorities. This was a key challenge the program was designed to address. 

Leadership effectiveness in building trust and accountability within the teams of each senior leader 

The on-time delivery of four major global projects that were essential to the bank’s organizational and digital transformation. 

These divisions experience so much improvement that they continue to be used as positive examples of the bank’s desired future state. 


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